Ansie Ehrke

Writing is not a job, it is a way of living.

I am a passionate, somewhat dark-minded, writer, loving the feeling of a satisfied reader. I have been writing poetry and short stories for almost 7 years. It was when I did a Creative Writing Course through INTEC in 2011 that the writing bug (or worm, excuse the pun) bit me.


Since then I have started writing two blogs, one for showcasing my love for poetry and short stories, Silverliningspot, and The Writer Closet, showcasing articles. I have also ghost written several books, ebooks and books of poetry. I am currently a writer for Unibit Solutions, a writing company in Johannesburg. I also freelance for Intiem Tydskrif, an Akrikaans magazine about love and marriage.


Apart from that 121hub has become my second home. Not only can I showcase my work and use my sites to earn an income with my writing, 121hub and its people gave me the confidence and perseverance that I so much needed!


I have kick started my Freelance Writing Career and am looking forward to many years of filling blank pages with images and stories that would satisfy any reader!


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A happy reader is a happy writer

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Always strive to be better than the praise you receive

  • Maryna Brockmann on Heaven To Earth""

    Absolutely amazing!!! Makes me think of myself when I am up in the sky!!!!!

  • Karen de Beer on Icy Love""

    Nicely done on this one Ansie! Thumps up! You done it again

  • Akila on Let Me Take You Away""

    And your descriptions.. I have to say.. It’s really good. You’d make a really good writer!

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