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A peek at the readers book display


Face it, without readers there will be no writers. It is the reader that makes the writer. There are two different kinds of readers; the readers that read to write and the readers that simply love to read. The writer depends on what the reader loves to read. You get the passionate readers who carries a box of tissues to work, in case of tears while living inside their book. (Karen Kingsbury writes the most amazing novels and to be honest, I cry over every book she writes.) I am not ashamed to say that crying over a book is the greatest compliment any writer can get. It shows that the story portrayed reaches deep into each reader’s soul.

You get the readers that can be angry for days at a time at the heroin that chose to marry his brothers ex instead of the young, vibrant woman rescued from a burning car. That shows that the reader realizes the reality of the plot created in the book.

There are readers that get quite depressed when reading the last page of a novel. When realizing the book will come to a end in a few minutes, the reader yearns for more insight on the characters. That encourages the writer to write a trilogy to forfill the readers love for the book.

Lastly, you get the reader that reads a book cover to cover, and cover to cover again, and again, and again. These readers usually have a display of books in their homes. These are certainly the most intriguing of all readers. You can tell a lot about a person when looking at their display of books.

I have to add that there are lots of people who don’t read or can’t read at all but there is a way for a reader to tell the story to someone he/she loves. Therefore we never judge a book by its cover.

So I took a peek at the readers book display...

On a very organised, oak bookshelf, I noticed a couple of Wilbur Smith novels which included The Burning Shore, Cry Wolf and The Angels Weep. These novels portray a sense of the love for serious adventure in the mind of the reader.

In the middle shelf I noticed the Fifty Shades trilogy. The excitement and education one gets from reading these erotic novels portrays the fact that this reader is not confined to the usual pattern of reading. This reader is not afraid to overstep the boundaries and explore the writings that made most cringe. Alongside these novels, Sylvia Day’s Bared to You, suggesting the liking of erotic books written by different authors.

On the bottom shelf, a series of Afrikaans novels which include Skatte van die Sneeu by Patricia M. St. John and Vier Seisoene Kind by Wilna Adriaanse. This suggests that the reader loves both English and Afrikaans novels. A variety of languages gives freedom to thought and the reader can confide in more than one language to quench that thirst for a satisfying book.

Just goes to show what one can “read” from taking a peek at a readers book display. 


Ansie Ehrke



Joe Monday, December 22, 2014

Wow. You captured two of my reading styles in one post. So I'm 1) someone who gets upset when I've reached the last page of a good book. and 2) Someone who will get to the end of a book and open it to the first page and start over again. Than k you Joe

diane Saturday, March 7, 2015

Great post Ansie!


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