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Five tips on how to make house cleaning fun


Very few individuals want to jump for joy at the thought of a pile of laundry and dishes stacked up to the roof. Not to mention, toys everywhere, making your house look like a daycare center. Then there is hubby’s mess; towels on the bathroom floor and a half eaten snack on the kitchen counter. Low and behold, here are five tips for making house cleaning fun!

Play your favorite CD while vacuuming or sweeping. Do not worry about what your neighbors might shout or your children’s “Really, Mom?” expressions. Make the vacuum cleaner or broom your knight in shining armor, gliding you across a ballroom. You can dance the floor clean!

Start a conversation with the duster. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know the secrets of every dust spec a duster holds? Your imagination could take you as far as Hawaii or your sexy next-door neighbor’s bedroom…

Use a timer when doing the dishes. Keep track of how long it takes you to finish the dishes and pack it in the cupboard. Reward yourself by going to your favorite coffee shop for that period of time. You can even reward yourself with your favorite dessert or a relaxing bubble bath.

Whether you use an automatic washing machine or a twin tub, doing the laundry takes up a lot of precious time. Get yourself a good book filled with short stories. While washing the laundry, read the beginning of at least three short stories. While hanging the clothes up to dry, get someone like your better half or your children to read the middle of those three short stories. When you are finished folding the laundry, quench you curiosity and read the last part of the stories. Doing laundry is much more fun and faster when waiting to hear what happens to the villain in a good book!

When packing items away that are lying around the house, make a list of who left which item laying on the wrong spot. Be sure to neatly stack all the items, like hubby’s dirty socks, on the back porch. If someone asks for a “lost” item, simply direct them to the “found” area. Gradually, they will rather pack their things away than search for it beneath a pile of dirty socks.

That proves it. With a bit of imagination and a lot of creativity, cleaning house can be fun!


Ansie Ehrke



Diane Monday, January 19, 2015

Great tips! I will try them out on my dirty, dirty house! :)


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