Ansie Ehrke / Creative writer / 22.08.2014

Our sad melody


The rain taps a sad melody on the roof. I sit here, cold and alone, wandering when you will stop breathing. I watch over you, day and night, preparing myself for what is to come. I hum to the beat of the rain, the song you taught me as a child. I feel your frail hands tightening around my finger as if begging me never to stop humming our special song. I hum over and over, the melody of the memories we shared. With each beginning, a new set of tears run down my cheeks. As the rain stops beating the rhythm of our song, you draw one last breath and say, “My darling girl, you are so strong. Mommy loves you and I will wait for you in heaven.”

It felt like yesterday, watching you leave this world. Now I sit here, clod and alone, listening to the rain sing our sad little melody.


Ansie Ehrke



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