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Teaching at 121hub University - The low down


121hub has a wealth of informative classes at their University, making it better and easier to understand and excel is your niche field.

As a 121hub Online Class instructor, I pride myself in providing innovative and informative information on the subjects that I am teaching, which include How To Publish Your Books and How To Make Your 121hub Writer Website Awesome.

Every person will have a few questions in the back of their minds. Let me answer them for you:

Maybe you are thinking 'Why should I take time out of my day to listen to the 121hub class instructors?'

At 121hub we pride ourselves in having unique classes of all kinds on different niches. The content of the lessons are thoroughly researched and are jam packed with loads of tips, information and links to exactly the type of info you are searching for.

What makes 121hub class instructors an authority on the subject matter?

121hub class instructors are leaders in their specific niches and thus top candidates to lead a class of that nature. Each instructor shares their experiences, tips, secrets and knowledge with those who are in need of the help.

What specifically are 121hub class instructors going to teach me that I can use to better promote myself and my interests?

At 121hub classes, you will be taught how to promote yourself on social media, how to SEO your content, how to make your website and its contents stand out from the rest, how to sell your products and services efficiently and MANY MORE!

Have a look at the recorded version links of classes I have given on the Writers Niche Field with Powerpoint Presentations:

Writer's Block 101

How To Connect Poetry To Publisher

Blogging Basics


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